Internet Search History!

It’s Not What You Think!

Just as a pre warning.. . This isn’t going where you think it’s going.

I’m talking about all of the things that we search for that we never tell anyone about.

Earlier today I had to ask Siri how long it takes to bake a potato… As this is something I don’t often do I lacked the “commonly known” technique required to bake a potato. Therefore rather than opening myself up to public ridicule I decided to turn to Siri instead. It turns out even with Siri’s expert guidance, I forgot to prick them first so I had a few potato explosions!

This got me thinking about how dependant I am on the internet for things like advice, cooking tips and general questions. Then I began to recall all of the different times that I had “asked the internet” for advice; including the time that I diagnosed myself, and found the correct treatment before being forced to visit the doctor by my mother, only to be told the exact same information.

However there are many, many occasions in which I have asked the internet stupid/embarrassing questions.

For example:

  1.  How long does it take to bake a potato?
  2. What is the best way to avoid procrastination?
  3. Why does sweetcorn come out in your poo?
  4. What’s this rash on my leg?
  5. (and the most frequent search for me is…) How do I spell? *Insert a word that looks similar to the word you want to spell*

I then began to think about how scary it would be if Siri, Google, Bing and ask Jeeves (for old times sake) had random gossiping sessions. With each search engine sharing the ridiculous stories that their stupid human had asked them that day.

Search Engines

Although lets be honest if you ask Siri even a basic question she will end up phoning your long lost aunty from Tunisia, because her name sounds similar to “how do you eat with chopsticks.”


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