My Theory #1

My Theory

I recently found myself in the awkward situation in which you have to make a decision with a group of people, without sounding bossy (a skill I’m still working on). For example when you’re with a group of friends and someone asks “What should we do?”. Personally that feels like that The gauntlet has been laid down, I already know what I want to do. Now my plan begins to make things go my way.  This leads to a whole theatrical process in which everyone takes on a character.

1- The Shruggers “I don’t Mind. I’ll do what everyone else wants to do” Thanks.. That’s really helpful..

2- The Procrastinators “I’ll have a look in a second. I’m just watching a goat do a handstand..” These people have no intention of doing anything..

3- The Lame Idea Guy “I have an idea! Lets stay in and play Monopoly!” Yeah we could… Or…..

4- The Bossy Kid “I think we should go to the (Insert anything that ‘the boss’ wants to do).” I guess we are doing whatever they want then…


After many, many minutes of what can only be described as amateur dramatics we finally decide that my idea is the best/the only one that wasn’t monopoly…

This is going somewhere I promise, I’m not just waffling on…




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