Too Many Decisions

To Pc, or not to Pc, that is the question…

I have literally spent hours staring at the Apple store, their stunning iMac to be precise. I really like the sleek design and the compact style. It takes everything about a computer that I don’t like, such as the endless maze of wires and gets rid of it! I mean, look at the design. I don’t know how apple have manged it, but the latest generation of iMac is so visually appealing that you could frame it and put it on your wall. Although you would look like a complete weirdo with an iMac shrine in your room…

It’s not all about looks

Even the lower end models boast a pretty impressive set up. Easily enough for my everyday needs. However I rarely do anything that requires a huge amount of power.

The only issue for me is the price. With the starter set up costing around £900.00… and the brand new retina 5k display model clocking in at a crazy £1999.00. With that sort of money I could buy many, many cookies.


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