Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run
I briefly mentioned the Rickshaw Run in my last post! Which was sometime last year… I would like to blame that on university life being really busy. With things like, lectures, assignments and placement getting in the way. Although I have been able to catch up on all four seasons of Game of Thrones and watch every Friends episode from season 1 to season 10.. (And some people say I’m easily distracted)

And a few people have asked me what it is. So I guess this post is all about the Run itself and why I think it’s awesome!!

20131022-120940 pm.jpg

The Run is organised by a company called The Adventurists. Well when I say organised, they give you the Rickshaw and the rest is pretty much up to you. The company is charity orientated, each team pays a sign up fee the majority of which goes to the “cool earth” charity. The rest goes towards the cost of hiring the rickshaw and insurance. The main objective of the run is to raise money for charity and to have a good laugh.

A Team of Three

The Team can consist of up to four people but lets face it, its going to be a squish. The team is the most important part as you have to live, sleep, eat and poo with these people. All it takes is one breakdown or someone accidentally using someone else’s toilet roll to kick things off…

Rickshaw 2


I have already written many, many words so I’ll leave it there. I guess I will explain the actual run in another post.










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