It’s Been A While

Sometime last year…

So… The last time I posted anything on here was around October last year. I would like to blame that on university life being really really busy and me having no time due to things like, lectures, assignments and placement getting in the way. On top of the work I’ve also been spending time with my many, many university friends. Imaginary friends count right? Although I have been able to catch up on all four seasons of Game of Thrones and watch every Friends episode from season 1 to season 10.. (And some people say I’m easily distracted)

Where have you been all my life?

Where have you been all my life?

Kick in the butt!

I recently read a friend’s blog. Which unlike mine actually had a purpose and one specific topic. Then it dawned on me that I actually quite enjoy reading other people’s blogs, as well as writing my own. Her blog looks really good and the way she writes it keeps it interesting! This is obviously something I aim to do, with as little mistakes as possible. Although often my posts will have many, many grammatical/spelling errors.

Grammar Argghh...

Grammar Argghh…


I do really enjoy writing these posts and now that I’ve broken up from university for the summer I have more time to write these posts and more pointless ideas for you to waste your time reading!


Maybe they should go back to "shcool".

Maybe they should go back to “shcool”.






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