Unmissable Opportunities

When I think about missed opportunities I think about trips and travelling. I’ve been very lucky and have had many opportunities to travel and explore. I’ve been to lots of European countries like Greece, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and a few others and I’ve also had the chance to explore further. Four years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa, unlike the other “holidays” this one had a purpose; to help rebuild schools and teach English in Eshowe. All of the countries that I’ve visited we’re amazing and beautiful but my time in South Africa had to be the most special. One of those opportunities that can be described as truly unmissable.

20131020-024031 pm.jpg

You often hear people saying that people are so happy in Africa and they don’t miss material possessions as they have never had them. This became so clear as soon as we arrived. The children were singing and dancing at our arrival and were just so cheerful. They then showed us some of their favourite games and laughed at our attempts to join in! Sadly the videos of me dancing were “misplaced…” And still to this day haven’t been found. However there are many many photos of the trip. My favourite one being this photo of me and this little girl called Lucinda, she was two and a half years old and was the most adorable girl ever! Her little giggle was absolutely fantastic and I can still remember it to this day. (Not in a weird creepy way…)

Down To Business

20131020-033345 pm.jpg
Whilst there the team and myself managed to rebuild four classrooms and redecorate the science block. I still can’t pick up some sandpaper without shuddering, the experience was both amazing and tedious at the same time!

The Team

The group I was with really made the trip memorable! They were a brilliant group of people who were as immature as me. We had some good times and some “disagreements” but we all got along really well.

20131020-035609 pm.jpg

It’s Not All Work

After a week of work we moved on to explore the country. I had the opportunity to look at the wildlife, the countryside, and the history of the area. Often when I go on holiday we skip over these bit and just do the typical touristy stuff. Aka go to the beach, sit by the pool, catch some rays or in my case hide in the shade and apply many many layers of suncream. So it was a nice change to actually explore the country and find things out for myself!

20131020-035757 pm.jpg These experiences were truly once in a lifetime and I’m so glad I went. But it’s made we think, how many opportunities slip through our fingers? How often do we say no to something due to trivial restraints like cost or distance? This made me think, if any opportunities arise I plan to seize them and enjoy them. Let’s face it You Only Live Once

The Rickshaw Run

I have recently come across a project called the Rickshaw Run. It’s looks amazing! The independence of traveling by yourself and choosing your own locations to stay and your own routes to follow. It’s an experience that would be unmissable and that I would seriously love to do. Somehow I think a student loan probably isn’t enough to cover it…

20131020-035549 pm.jpg

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