Just Starting Out

Why The Cornerism?

Because “The Corner” was already taken…

If I’m honest I have no idea why I chose The Cornerism, It doesn’t make any sense and sounds like some sort of square orgasm. Anyway I really wanted to start a blog and I've been thinking about topics and names for a while now. We have all been there, you want to start something new and you cant think of a name or a topic. I've looked at other people's blogs for inspiration but really I just got distracted, quite a few hours there that I'm never getting back. So then I thought I should plan. Using various methods, even the thinking rubber band approach.

Thinking Rubber Bands

This then lead to a rather meek and disappointing mind map. I started with the title of “Blog” and stared at that for a good 40 minutes before deciding that I should probably start writing something down… Then one thing led to another. The ideas began “flowing” *said in a slightly sarcastic voice* out of my head. By this point I had managed to give my title a border! AND a pretty unambitious one at that. This is probably procrastination at its best.

40 Minutes In.

40 Minutes In.

But I persisted and eventually came up with the idea of doing a mixture of topics. So this blog is supposed to be about Films, Music, Food and Travel. Four things that really interest me and that I’ve done before. I guess I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t “done” food before… But you know what I mean! So… Anyway after many many seconds I finally finished and came up with the idea of naming my blog The Cornerism, having four topics (corners) to talk about.

The Cornerism Blog

The Cornerism Blog

I’m really looking forward to posting blog entry’s and stuff that I find interesting, I’m just hoping that you guys find it interesting as well!!




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